5 Ways of Safeguarding Your Home against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is the colorless, odorless gas that is mainly emitted by fuel powered stoves. Exposure to carbon monoxide is harmful to your health. Here are five ways of safeguarding your home against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A carbon monoxide detector acts the same way as a smoke detector. The sensor is triggered when the house is exposed to carbon monoxide. A Miami electrician will help you fix carbon monoxide detectors at strategic places in your house.

Inspect your Fuel Powered Gadgets

You should hire a professional electrician in Miami to check your fuel powered gadgets. Furnaces, cars, and generators should be tested at least once in a year to check whether they are malfunctioning. If you leave these devices unchecked, you risk being exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Using Your Fuel Appliances

Do not use your cooking stove to provide heat. Do not use a gas or charcoal grill indoors. These appliances are an important source of carbon monoxide. Use your generator outside and not in the house or garage. You should also ensure your generator is far from the windows or doors of your house to prevent the gas from getting in.

Fire Place Precautions

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur in simple events such as warming yourself at the fireplace. Open the fireplace damper before lighting a fire. Wait for the ashes to cool before closing the fireplace damper. A fireplace damper prevents the accumulation of carbon monoxide in your house.

Beware of the Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Some people get exposed to carbon monoxide without knowing. The symptoms exhibited by someone exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning include weakness, dizziness, headache, vomiting, nausea, confusion and sleepiness. In cases of high-level exposure to carbon monoxide, a person may show severe symptoms like losing your consciousness. Get the victim out in the open air dial 911 immediately. If you do not attend to the serious symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, the last result is death.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal if left untreated. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by employing the five tips above.

Three tips to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide gas, which is what makes it so dangerous. You could have a carbon monoxide problem in your home and not know it, and the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are fairly vague — headache, nausea, fatigue — making it hard to know you are in danger. The best defense against carbon monoxide poisoning is following these three tips to ensure you don’t have a problem.

Use a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detectors work like smoke detectors. They have a sensor and will sound an alarm if they sense levels of carbon monoxide that are too high. You should have at least a couple of them around your house, and just as with smoke detectors, you need to test the devices regularly to ensure they are working. If you want to ensure they work properly, you can have them installed by a Miami electrician.

Have your gas-powered appliances serviced

One of the most common sources of carbon monoxide in the home is a gas-powered appliance that is malfunctioning. To ensure you don’t have a carbon monoxide problem, you should have any gas appliances serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year. This includes gas ranges, gas water heaters, gas fireplaces and a gas heating system if you have one.

Don’t introduce carbon monoxide into your home

Another way to keep your family safe is to not do things that could bring carbon monoxide gas into your home. For example, you shouldn’t leave your car idling in your garage. Also, don’t use a gas grill in your garage or in an enclosed porch.

Keeping your family safe from carbon monoxide is all about prevention. By ensuring your gas appliances are in good working order and avoiding introducing carbon monoxide into your home, you should be in good shape. If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors, talk to an electrician in Miami about getting them installed.

5 Quick Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With the environment being in such an unstable condition, everyone must work together to save the planet. Furthermore, an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is a lot easier on the wallet. Here are five quick tips to reduce your carbon footprint.

Install a programmable thermostat

Not only will a programmable thermostat help to reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also decrease your electric bill. If your heating and cooling unit uses a traditional thermostat, a Miami electrician can easily replace it with a programmable thermostat. Although the cost of a programmable thermostat can vary, you should be able to find a quality model for less than $55.

Drive your car more efficiently

An aggressive driving style will surely cause your carbon footprint to increase. When traveling on the freeway, limit your top speed to about 60 miles-per-hour. Modern engines do not need a long warm-up period, so never allow your engine to idle for longer than two minutes. These simple changes can significantly lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Do not leave the lights on

Over time, your lights can drain a lot of electricity. After leaving an empty room, always remember to turn off the lights. You should also consult an electrician in Miami about installing a dimmer switch in your main rooms. A dimmer switch reduces energy consumption and prolongs the life of your light bulbs.

Fix a leaky faucet

While a leaky kitchen faucet may not seem serious, it can actually waste a lot of precious water. Even a small leak can waste up to five gallons of water a day. The good news is that most leaks are very easy to fix. In many instances, a leaky faucet can be repaired by installing a new washer or O-ring. Some faucet washers cost as little as $2.

Plant a tree

If you have some extra space in your yard, consider planting a couple of trees. A small tree can absorb nearly 14 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. The trees will also help to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

If everyone does their part to protect the environment, this planet will be able to sustain life for an infinite amount of time. These tips will certainly help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

4 Tips to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Keeping the earth’s environment as healthy as possible can be done by going “green” and reducing your carbon footprint. Understanding how to go about reducing your carbon footprint is a way for you to not only reduce energy usage and costs but it also helps to save and protect the atmosphere around you. Lowering your carbon footprint is a way to make a difference in the world with a few lifestyle changes of your own.

Rid Plastic Shopping Bags

Rid any plastic shopping bags from your home and instead, opt to use recyclable shopping bags any time you are out grocery shopping. Using recyclable grocery shopping bags helps to reduce the amount of plastic consumption while also lowering your carbon footprint.

Choose Walking and Biking Over Using the Car

Instead of taking the car any time you choose to go out, opt to walk or ride a bike to help with reducing your carbon footprint. Make a family outing of walking to the park, theater or even to go shopping with one another. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but it is also a way to incorporate healthier lifestyle habits and exercise into your life.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Whenever you are not using an appliance or an electronic it is highly recommended to keep it unplugged. Even when electronics are not in use but still plugged in you are using unnecessary energy. Unplugging appliances not in use is one of the easiest methods of reducing your carbon footprint.

Consider Upgrading Appliances

Consider the option of upgrading appliances to Eco-friendly models. With the help of an electrician in Miami it is possible to upgrade kitchen appliances as well as the type of lighting you have installed throughout your home. Working with a Miami electrician is also a way to install programmable thermostats along with Eco-friendly dishwashers, stoves and other appliances you use daily. Eco-friendly appliances and programmable thermostats not only help to reduce the amount of water and energy you use, but they also help to lower the amount of your electric bill each month altogether.

The more you know about reducing your carbon footprint, the easier it is to ensure you are capable of maintaining a green lifestyle and one that is more Eco-friendly. Lowering your carbon footprint can be done individually or within your entire household to get your family members involved with making a change in the world.