Electrical Tools & Equipment that Electricians Use

Most do it yourself electricians set out to complete a home repair or improvement task and are surprised to discover that professional electricians use a lot more tools and equipment than the average person possesses in their garage. Electricians are held to extremely high safety and professional standards and in order to complete an electrical task properly, all of the right tools and equipment must be available. 

In the article below we’ll walk you through a list of the most common tools and equipment used by professionally certified electricians. Continue reading through the article below for the complete rundown. 

A List of The 20 Most Common Tools and Equipment Used by Electricians 

1. Hard Hat – In most cases, an electrician won’t even be able to enter a worksite without wearing a hard hat. Falling construction debris can gravely injure a person. For that reason, electricians are never advised to do any type of work without wearing proper protection over their head. 

2. Electric Drill – One of the most frequent tasks that an electrician will be engaged in every day is drilling holes with a cordless electric drill. These cool gadgets are able to accommodate a wide variety of drill bits, making them extremely versatile and dynamic tools. 

3. Tape Measure – Ever wondered what’s in an electricians bag? Well, you’re almost guaranteed to find a tape measure. This age-old device is a standard piece of electrician equipment. Electrical work is highly detailed, as you will need to locate precise points only done through measuring out a distance. 

4. Pliers – Can you guess what’s in an electricians bag other than a tape measure? If you guessed pliers then you came up with the correct answer. This is one of the most frequently used tools that make up standard electrician equipment. Electricians cut wire and cables all day long, a task only done with pliers. 

5. Screwdrivers – Electricians cannot always depend on an electric drill for screwing in or loosening fasted hardware. This is especially true for tight areas where only a small screwdriver will fit. Electric drills are often times clunky and can only be used when lots of space is available. 

6. Level Device – When it comes to pinpoint electrical work, you absolutely need to make sure that vital hardware is level and fastened in the proper position. This can only be done by using a high-quality level device, without which an electrician’s job would be nearly impossible to conduct. 

7. Wire Strippers – Most wires handled by electricians are insulated with a special plastic coating. The only way to properly manipulate these wires while installing them is to strip off the ends of this insulation with a wire stripper. Wire strippers come in all different shapes and sizes. 

8. Fish Tape – If you plan to run electrical wire through conduits all the way through to gang boxes, then you cannot achieve this without the use of fish tape. This specialized electrical tape allows you to run wire and cable along pipes by pulling it out the other side as it is equipped with small hooks. 

9. Voltage Tester – Have you ever wondered how an electrician tests to see if a wire has electricity running through it or not. This can be done by using a voltage test. Voltage testers possess a small testing prod that allows you to get a positive or false electrical reading on anything that the prod touches. 

10. Conduit Bender – Electricians need to be able to install cable and wiring around corners and other sharp bends. In order to properly do this the conduit piping that houses the wire needs to be bent in accordance with the angle of any corner or curve in a building’s wall or structure. This can be done by using a conduit bender. 

11. Reaming Bit – In order to fasten or attach old and new wire conduits, electricians need to use reaming bits that can be used to widen the opening of a conduit. This allows one section of conduit to be firmly inserted into the other, thus allowing for a seamless attachment of the two pieces of wire piping. 

12. Flashlight – Contrary to what you might think, electricians, do not always work in environments with a lot of lighting. For this reason, they will often need to use a flashlight that is either handheld or attached to their hard hats. Without a flashlight, an electrician’s job can become very dangerous. 

13. Insulated Gloves – Electrical works always poses the risk of electrocution. That is why electricians use insulated work gloves that are created with specialized materials that do not conduct electricity. In the case where an electrician touches a live wire the electricity will not shock the individual. 

14. Flame Retardant Work Shirt – An electrical phenomenon that exposes electricians to severe injury are arc flashes. These arc flashes can easily cause fires, so it is very important for electricians to wear as much flame retardant clothing as possible. Most construction sites require that electricians wear such fire-proof attire. 

15. Safety Goggles or Glasses – Protecting the eyes is a major priority for every electrician. Construction debris, dangling wires, electric tools, all pose a huge risk to the eyes. Just like hard hats and flame retardant shirts, safety glasses are typically a mandated piece of safety equipment that every electrician must possess before they step on to a work or construction site. 

16. Rescue Hooks and Rods – These long rods can safely be used to move a person or object that has electrical current running through them. If an electrician or construction worker is electrocuted then a rescue rod or hook is going to be the primary tool used to pull this person away from the ongoing electrical current. 

17. Circuit Analyzers – These highly advanced handheld devices are able to give any electrician instant information about any circuit that a particular outlet is connected to. The information that these devices displays include voltage, reversals, polarity, wire voltage, and much more. 

18. Circuit Finders – As any electrician will tell you, it can be extraordinarily difficult to locate a circuit. Thankfully, every electrician can use a gadget known as a circuit finder. By attaching the device to an outlet, an electrician can find out exactly which circuit the outlet is connected to. 

19. Duct Tape – You won’t find an electrician without a roll of duct tape in his or her utility bag. This universal item can be used in just about any situation needing a quick fix, such as temporarily holding electrical hardware in place while more secure screws or nails are driven in. 

20. Tool Pouch – Electricians need to keep their bodies very mobile, which is why most of them prefer a tool pouch over a toolbox. Tool pouches are typically worn against the chest and are secured by straps that run over the shoulders. 

Hire a Skilled Certified Electrician to Safely Do The Job For You 

It can be dangerous to do home electrical repairs yourself, as more often than not you will not have the tools or knowledge needed to do the job properly. As any electrician will tell you, it is far better to allow a trained professional to do the job for you. Saving a small amount of money on DIY fixes and repairs can end up putting you and your family at risk of incurring a grave injury, so don’t take unnecessary chances. Contact Miami Electric Wizards today for professional residential electrical services.

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3 Ideal Electric Additions to Add to Your Home This Season

Now that Spring is practically upon us, it is a fun time to consider what potential upgrades we can add to our homes in time for Summer. If you do live in Miami, it is always beneficial to meet with a Miami electrician to see what potential upgrades are available for your home that are safe. Consider meeting with your local electrician in Miami to finalize any and all upgrades that you would like to make for your home. This will ensure that the upgrades are the best fit for the safety of your family. Here are three ideal electric additions to add to your home this season:

1. Surround Sound System: Surround sound is a great way to enjoy your favorite television show or a movie. It is best to have an electrician come to your home and check that your outlets are in order and can support that kind of power. This will ensure that there are no electrical accidents that could hurt you or your family.

2. Home Security System: Having a home security system is a great investment for the safety of your family. Have your local electrician make sure the wires are connected to support a wireless system. This way, you can prevent intruders into your home.

3. Washer and Dryer: Adding a washer and dryer to your home is a great way to make your life overall more efficient. Be sure that you have the electrical outlets properly wired to support those appliances by your local electrician.

Investing in your local electrician is a wise decision if you are considering adding fancy electronic upgrades to your home. This way, if your home is older, you will be able to ensure that your outlets are equipped to handle the new equipment and ultimately, keep your family safe.

Three Tips to Keep Your Electric Bill Down When Decorating Your Home With Holiday Lights

Setting up lights for the holidays is a cherished tradition for many people. It’s a fun family activity, and it brings holiday cheer to the entire neighborhood. But don’t forget that those lights still use electricity, especially the large and elaborate displays. To avoid a shocking electric bill this winter, follow these guidelines for saving energy with decorative lights.

Switch to Modern Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are quickly gaining ground as a standard light source. Naturally, this technology has been turned to other purposes, and there are many decorative holiday lights that use LEDs. The biggest benefit is their efficiency. LEDs deliver far more light for less money. For years, Miami electrician services have been advising homeowners to make the switch to LEDs, and this advice should be followed even for something as small as holiday light displays.

Do More with Less

Most light strings have a bulb every inch or so. While this does produce a very dazzling appearance, all of those bulbs aren’t necessary. You can form perfectly discernible shapes and patterns with your lights with far fewer bulbs. Buy the kind of lights that are wired to still work with bulbs missing and remove every other bulb. You’ll find that you can still make a beautiful light display without using so much electricity. You can easily cut the power usage in half with this method.

Only Turn On the Lights When People Will See Them

It’s not uncommon to see holiday lights left on day in and day out. Homeowners would be wise to remember that if nobody can see the lights, there’s no point in having them on! Only turn your lights on when it gets dark, and don’t forget to turn them off before you go to bed. If this process sounds like a hassle, you can use an outlet timer to put it on autopilot. Any electrician in Miami will be glad to recommend a good outlet timer and show you how to use it.

You don’t have to shell out an outrageous sum for electricity just to bring a little holiday spirit to your home. Make use of these three easy tricks and start saving money. You can then spend your hard-earned cash on great gifts, not an inflated electric bill!

3 Creative DIY Projects To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When it comes to your home’s electricity, you will find many things that you can do to make your home much more energy efficient. Although you may think that doing these types of projects can be hard, you can take simple steps to complete your new projects in no time. You can even contact a Miami electrician who can also give you more tips on how to maximize your projects.

Sealing the Corners and Insulating

Nowadays, it can be easy to work on many home improvements. One of the first things that you can do is invest in caulking. You can go around the outside and inside of your home sealing the cracks that you find in the corners. Although it may not seem like much, small cracks around your home can make your home waste more energy. Aside from caulking, you can also invest in home insulation. In order to make the process easy, you can get spray foam insulation, which can be sprayed through a small opening in the wall.

Tint Your Windows and Leave the Blinds Open

Another way that you can make your home energy efficient is to tint your windows. Since heat or cold temperatures can reach excessive readings, tinting the windows can reduce the heat and cold that comes in through the windows. You can even leave your blinds open in order to save money on lights. The tint can allow you to leave your blinds open throughout the entire day.

Replacing Your Appliances

One of the most important things that you can do is replace old appliances. Even if your appliance is running great, you will want to consider quality appliances that give you great energy savings, which are the alternatives that come with the Energy Star sticker. Although it may not seem like much, you will notice the difference within a few weeks or months. You can also check your HVAC system on a regular basis, which can include changing out the filter and cleaning the outside unit. However, these types of projects can be tricky. Remember to consult with an electrician in Miami for more tips.

Four Tips to Avoid Overpaying for Your Electric Bill

Can anyone remember when a monthly utility bill rate has gone down? Electric bills, especially in the Miami area, seem to grow month after month. With more focus on renewable energy, electricity rates will only grow until these renewables are mastered and proper infrastructure is built. In the meantime, do what you can to avoid overpaying for your electric bill. Below are four ways to do just that.

1. Miami, as we all know, has an abundance of awesome weather. They don’t call Florida the ‘Sunshine State’ for nothing. With that said, be sure to utilize sunlight during the day and keep lights off. It sounds silly, this suggestion seems somewhat intuitive. If your home does not have a lot of windows, consider installing skylights to give windowless rooms more light. Not a fan of skylights? You may be surprised as they have come along way since the old, leaky “roof-windows” they once were. Today, skylights come in all shapes and sizes and can provide lighting while helping you save on energy.

2. Speaking of light, be sure to purchase or install light timers, dimmers, and sensors in order to keep from wasting energy on empty rooms. Most of us can remember our parent’s frustration as they went room to room turning off lights. By installing these components you will never have to worry about wasting energy in such a way again.

3. Most of us in the Miami area have some type of air conditioning installed in our homes. Though most of us do not set our thermostats at 60 degrees, you may be surprised a lot of people still do. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to cut back a little on our energy costs is by setting the thermostat just a few degrees warmer.

4. Ensure you doors and windows are properly sealed. Weather stripping has a tendency of wearing down over time. Be sure to replace these weather strips to keep all of that ‘bought-air’ inside your home where it belongs. If the weather stripping does not need to be replaced, give it a good cleaning with soap and water. Also, and if you do not have one already, consider installing a door sweep on the bottom of your door. Not only will it help keep creepy-crawlies out, it will also help keep air in.

If you have further questions about cutting down on your energy costs, be sure to consult a Miami area electrician to provide tips and suggestions. Hiring a knowledgeable electrician can pay for itself in a few short months of saving on your energy bill.

Four Home Electric Repairs That Can Seriously Break the Bank

Most do it yourselfers shy away from electrical work in their home. After all, rewiring a home is a difficult task even for a well-trained electrician. Not only can home electrical work be expensive, it can be dangerous. Sometimes it is truly better to call in a professional, especially when considering mistakes are costly. Below are four electrical repairs which can break the bank if you are not careful.

Fuse Panel Upgrade
Today, newer homes come equipped with a circuit breaker panel versus the old screw in fuse panel. Some home buyers will not even consider an older home with a fuse panel, as they find them dangerous. For this reason, some home owners may feel obligated to upgrade their system. Such an upgrade is not only dangerous for a novice, but can become expensive in a hurry.

Home Generator
Some home owners, wishing to save some money, may try and install a whole home generator upgrade. Though a home generator is a great addition to any home, installing such an expensive piece of equipment can be a daunting task. Having an insured Miami electrician install it for you is a smart move when considering all which could go wrong.

Recess Lighting
Many people like the look of recess lighting. Low profile recess lighting is a selling feature of any home. Though attractive, upgrading a home with recess lighting can set you back a paycheck or two. Running the wiring for recess lighting can be expensive as drywall may need to be removed. Also, the components for such an upgrade can be expensive; especially when considering the variety to choose from.

Accumulative Upgrades
Sometimes when a person moves into a new home they just want to upgrade the electrical components and fixtures. From replacing outdated wall plugs which may have layers of paint on them, to installing new light fixtures and ceiling fans; such an upgrade is attractive and expensive. Some homeowners do a little bit at a time, from room to room. Others may do such a task all at once just to get it over with. Either way, the costs will add up quickly.

Hiring an electrician in the Miami area may not sound like an attractive proposition for a do it yourselfer. Keep in mind an electrician can likely do the job quickly and efficiently. Also, professional electricians are insured. Just in case there are any misfortunes which befall an electrical job, you want to make sure someone’s insurance will cover the work. Electrical work may not be as flashy as a new kitchen, but the rewards will likely pay off in the end.

Need More Outlets for Your Christmas Lights?

With the Christmas season approaching, you may be excited to get out all of the Christmas lights and to start decorating your home. Lights can be easily hung from inside and outside to show off your holiday spirit during this time of year. If you are planning to go all out this year with your lights and Christmas decorations, you will want to be sure that you have enough electrical outlets that all of the lights can easily be plugged into. Rather than using multiple extension cords and stringing lights in unappealing areas simply to reach an outlet, you may want to consider having more outlets installed by an electrician in Miami. A Cutler Bay electrician can provide you with all of your outlet needs so that you are prepared for decorating your home exactly the way that you want to.

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How Outside Lighting and Lawn Care Can Increase Property Value

For many Miami residents, real estate can be a nightmare. Selling property in an economic downturn certainly isn’t easy, and selling a property at a high price can prove nigh-impossible. However, there are several tips and tricks to quickly improving your house’s market value. These tips will give you an edge over all of the other homeowners in Miami. When it comes to your lawn and outside lighting, the best care is essential. Two houses in the same neighborhood might sell for very different prices if one has better outside care.

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