Important Information You Should Know About Electrical Safety

Whether you own a home or a business or rent, chances are you will have electrical issues. Maintenance usually takes care of these issues but at their own pace and it is never at a convenient time. Electrical hazards are not something to take lightly. They can cause burns, shocks and electrician. It is important to takes these steps into account when handling electrical issues on your own while you wait for an experienced electrician from Cutler Bay to arrive.

Safety Tips

While you wait for a Pinecrest electrician, assume that all overhead wires are lethal voltage and it is never safe to touch or move a wire that is down. A Pinecrest electrician should arrive and dismiss the problem properly.

Stay at least ten feet from the fallen wires while the Pinecrest electrician does the clean up and says it is safe to resume activity. If you are the one working at a certain height or handling the long object, thoroughly search the area for fallen wires before you begin work. Use caution when working near electricity. If you are working in a damp location, be sure to inspect all objects such as electrical cords and equipment for defects and use a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Never operate electrical equipment while standing in water and never repair cords or equipment unless qualified to do so. Again, hiring an experience electrician at Cutler bay would be your safest and best option. Have the qualified technician check the wet objects before energizing it.

If the electrical wire falls on top of your vehicle while you are inside, stay inside and drive away from the fallen line. If your engine stalls, do not leave you vehicle and warn people not to touch your car. Get help from an electrician in Cutler Bay right away.

If at home, replace or repair damaged and loose cords and never run extension cords across doorways or under carpets.

Since most of us have small children, make sure you have tamper resistant receptacles and Arc-Fault circuit interrupters should be installed to protect your electrical outlets. If you are unsure of an area, call an electrician in Cutler Bay for immediate help.

adminImportant Information You Should Know About Electrical Safety