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Our highly trained professional Miami electricians are guaranteed to deliver customer satisfaction for our electrical services. As an electrician in Miami, we know exactly the types of electrical services that you need:

  • Does your breaker keep tripping day and night? Do you need to have your panel replaced?
  • Has an outlet, light, or switch stopped working in your home or business?
  • Interested in installing a chandelier, security light, or ceiling fan? Need one replaced?
  • Need a new electrical outlet, or new circuit? How about the ability to hook up a new appliance?
  • Is it time to install or replace any other electrical device in your home or office?


Miami Electric Wizards can handle all of these needs and more!
We are the electrician in Coral Gables that will give you a variety of great services for the right price!



  1. 1. How much can I expect to pay?
  2. 2. How long will it take you to get here?
  3. 3. Is your work guaranteed with a warranty?
  4. 4. How do I know if you can really fix it?
  5. 5. Do I have to pay you just to look at my problem?

Call us today for all your residential and commercial electrical needs!

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