How to Prepare for Severe Weather in Miami

Miami remains one of the most beautiful cities in South Florida. It also rests in a fairly dangerous area from a weather perspective. As any electrician in Palmetto Bay will note, hurricanes are possible and this is why emergency preparation steps have to be done. For those wondering what a skilled emergency Coral Gables electrician would suggest, here are a few tips:

Research the elevation of your property to determine if you are in a flood zone. If you are, then evacuating the property might be the wisest course of action to take. Once the flooding starts, water will breach the interior of the home almost immediately.

Purchase a generator that can power the home if the electricity dies. When a major hurricane hits, it is not exactly going to be easy to get an electrician in Palmetto Bay to visit a home for quite some time. In the interim, a diesel-powered generator can be used to help keep the lights on.

Buy an emergency first aid kit. Not only might it be difficult to get a Coral Gables electrical contractor out to your property, it might prove much harder than expected to get medical teams. Emergency first responders will likely be overwhelmed. Having an emergency first aid kit in the home can help you care for yourself and others until a team arrives.

Cover up all your windows. The risk of the windows breaking increases when the winds outside are whipping up in a severe manner. Purchasing marine shutters long in advance of any severe storms would be the best strategy. Barring that, nailing plywood boards to the windows would be another option.

Be sure that there are no electrical based fire risks. This is not a job for someone who is a novice. If you live in an area known for severe storm risks, calling on an electrician in Palmetto Bay to perform an inspection long in advance is advised.

Any Coral Gables electrician who has visited homes in the aftermath of a storm will mention a lot of serious problems may have been avoided with the right precautionary measures. For those worried about seeing harm come to them or their home, taking as many preventive precautionary steps is advised.

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